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Disclaimer I decided to skip over the big name sites that most guys probably know about such as Esquire, Maxim, and Men’s Health and instead focus in on some of the other gems available for men on the ‘nets. These sites all feature great info., the occasional laugh, and can

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AdviceFatherhoodFriday 50HabitsParentingPatience

Patience is a virtue that our kids need right now! How’s that for an ironic statement to start an article on the power of patience? Developing a patient habit of mind will help our kids improve their personal contentment and it will also pay huge dividends for them in other

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#Epic MenChallengeFatherhoodHow ToPersonal

I wrote this list as a challenge and map forward for myself. A great many of the items on this list are areas that I need to grow quite a bit in. I know that I have a long way to go on my journey and I look forward to

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AdviceFriday 50HabitsHow ToHumilityLeadershipParentingUncategorized

Humility is a habit of mind that can help our kids find security and happiness in who they are as people and the role they play in others’ lives. It is a characteristic that can seem difficult to develop as it requires balancing the competing need to build your child’s

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AdviceCuriosityFatherhoodFriday 50HabitsHow ToParentingUncategorized

Every parent can describe at least one moment that stands out in their memory as a time where their kids demonstrated true and unbridled curiosity. Some of my greatest memories of my kids’ curiosity have come at the most unexpected times and in the simplest and most pure of circumstances

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*Note:  I thought that this book was so compelling that I purchased it myself and did not receive a free copy from the author or publisher in exchange for my review.  I have, however, included an affiliate link to purchase the book I mention in this post.  Dads, tell me

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