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Be Your Own Kind of #Epic Man

I wrote this list as a challenge and map forward for myself. A great many of the items on this list are areas that I need to grow quite a bit in. I know that I have a long way to go on my journey and I look forward to exploring each of these themes in the coming days and sharing my reflections.

I’d love to hear your feedback about my challenge to myself to become my own kind of #epic man.  Please help me spread the core message of epicdads.net by sharing this post or others on the site through your favourite social media feeds. Thanks in advance!



  1. Stop talking about what the good man is like, and just be one.” Marcus Aurelius
  2. Find another man you admire and trust, tell him your goals and ask that he hold you accountable.
  3. Appreciate that it is sometimes hard to understand your wife.  That is what is thrilling and mysterious.
  4. Write down everything you are responsible for and start taking care of the list.
  5. Spend one on one time with each of your children. They need to know that you cherish their unique qualities.
  6. Read poetry.
  7. Stop complaining about your life and really like it. Change what you don’t like.
  8. Develop a few good friendships. Live life together. Grow together and have fun.
  9. Take your kids fishing. Catch whopper conversation and memories together.
  10. Find a young man to mentor and share your wisdom and lessons with him.
  11. Never stop chasing your wife. Make her feel wanted, attractive, and desirable.
  12. Connect with powerful places in nature as often as you can, make a twice a year commitment at minimum.
  13. Watch sports and enjoy the experience. Don’t mistake watching for playing. Play a sport as well.
  14. Learn about leadership. All men need to be both leaders and know how to follow when appropriate.
  15. Give back to your community. Volunteer, coach, serve in some way.
  16. Read books regularly. Share your learning with your kids, your wife, your friends, your circle.
  17. Fix what needs fixing around your home. Your relationships, finances, yard improvement projects. Be responsible.
  18. Honor the older men in your life.
  19. If you are married, make peace with her family. Help her in whatever way you can to strengthen these important relationships.
  20. Spend time with your father. Make memories and share him with your children while you can.
  21. Call or visit your mother as often as possible. Let her know that she plays an important role in your family.
  22. Serve the needy without fanfare. Do this with your family and with community. Do more as you have more.
  23. Learn to cook a little. Cook for your wife. Eat with only her from time to time. Clean up after.
  24. Stop being a slob. Clean up after yourself.
  25. Find people in your life who are better than you at what you want to learn. Be humble, ask for help, and learn.
  26. Win your wife’s heart. Find out what makes her happy. Make her happy. Surprise her. Spend on her. Be romantic. Support her friendships. Teach your kids to honor her, expect them to treat her with love and respect. Defend her against enemies visible and invisible. Be crazy in love with her and let her know.
  27. Have a hobby.
  28. Learn manly skills.
  29. Learn a little about meat, cigars, wine, cooking, sports, politics, and history.
  30. Build a band of brothers. Support each other. Challenge each other. Defend each other.
  31. Look at yourself in the mirror. Do you like what you see? Get into the gym.
  32. Do something physically challenging every day.
  33. Challenge yourself intellectually. Learn every day.
  34. Say something inspiring to your kids as often as you can. Breathe life into their days with your words. Don’t make it a production.
  35. Develop a rite of passage for your son. Invest in this time together helping him learn to become a man.
  36. Go on dates with your little girl. Teach her about how men should treat her in the future. Be the standard that she measures future men against. Make her feel like a princess who shouldn’t give herself to anyone cheaply. Laugh and have fun together. Let he know what you are doing and why.
  37. If you drink. Drink good spirits, beer, and wine with temperance. Don’t confuse over indulgence with being manly.
  38. Learn how to rest and relax from time to time.
  39. Do good work. Be grateful to have a job. Get better at it. Change when it isn’t right.
  40. Realize there are many different kinds of #epic men. Know who you are and be your kind of man.
  41. Discover your talents. Develop them into strengths. Strive to be world class at something.
  42. Have goals. Make lists, pursue passions. Don’t let these consume you.
  43. Be honest. The truth about you is enough.
  44. Treat your wife like a goddess from time to time. Worship her. Let her know you know how lucky you are that she chose you out of 4 billion other men.
  45. Gather a circle of chivalrous men. Teach your sons about chivalry, nobility, and heroism together. Support each other to be modern day knights.
  46. Real men cry. It’s ok. Get help if you cannot.
  47. Think of the best thing you can say about anyone who has wronged you. Say it to yourself. Out loud. Let go of the anger and bitterness. Be the bigger man.
  48. Look after your stuff. Maintain what you can. Fix what you can. Hire someone to do the things you can’t. Be responsible.
  49. Go on adventures with your wife and kids. Travel to the special places in your backyard and through the wider world with them. Reflect on the fun you had and the lessons you learned together.
  50. Live happy. Live BIG. Live lovingly. Live passionately. Live #Epic.


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