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11 #Epic Websites for Men: August, 2017


I decided to skip over the big name sites that most guys probably know about such as Esquire, Maxim, and Men’s Health and instead focus in on some of the other gems available for men on the ‘nets. These sites all feature great info., the occasional laugh, and can help in some way with our collective journey towards being better men.

I am also not affiliated with or receiving financial compensation for recommending these resources. I just wanted to share some of my go to places on the ‘net for information as a guy.

Let  me know in the comments if there are other sites that should be included in future lists!



11 #Epic Websites for Men – August, 2017 

  1. The Good Men Project

I will get the shameless self-promotion out of the way early as you can find some of my writing on The Good Men Project. This site bills itself as a participatory media company having the conversation “no one else is having” about men’s issues. Hundreds of writers contribute to this site on topics such as dads and families, ethics, marriage, health & wellness and sex & relationships. Check out one of my articles “The Leadership Challenge: Five Leadership Practices for #Epic Dads” and my series on Habits of #Epic Kids as well.


  1. The Distilled Man 

Kyle Ingham has built his site around sharing the essential information necessary to be a well-rounded modern gentleman. The Distilled Man is full of posts related to grooming, manly skills, mixing cocktails, relationships and more. He has a great START HERE page which allows you to jump right into the best that his site has to offer. Like other sites on this list, The Distilled Man is now offering its shaken and stirred knowledge in podcast form too.



  1. The Art of Charm

I’ve been listening to the Art of Charm podcast for over a year now and really enjoy the mix of psychology and advanced human behavior analysis from the cast.  The AoC web site also offers a blog and links to a wide array of training products for anyone seeking advice on becoming a “super-connector” and turning their personal charm game up to, eleven.



  1. The Art of Manliness

Brett McKay is the founder and editor-in-chief of The Art of Manliness, the largest independent men’s lifestyle magazine on the web with over 10 million monthly page views. The site features a classic visual style and a distinctive editorial voice. Top posts include:

  • 100 Skills Every Man Should Know
  • Jason Bourne Situational Awareness
  • 100 Must Read Books for Men
  • Ultimate Guide to Hobbies for Men

Brett also hosts an iTunes “top 100” podcast with over 300 episodes where he interviews top performing manly guests like Mike Rowe, Malcolm Gladwell, and Tim Ferris.

  1. Primer

This site’s tagline reads: “A Guy’s Guide to Growing Up. Affordable style, self-development, how-tos, and apartment DIY for the aspiring gentleman.” I love this site for the insight it brings into a young man’s journey to becoming an adult and a man of style and substance.  Primer has information about earning, learning, investing, training and loving. If you are a millennial man or know some, Primer is a great resource for you!

  1. Mantelligence

This is a site, and an app, created by Kyle Boureston. In Kyle’s words “I created Mantelligence because I was tired of reading the same bland, low-quality, and low-value content for men. I wanted to grow as a man, but found it was hard to find the right type of information online.” For Kyle the right type of information is easy to understand, actionable, and in depth. This certainly describes the content on Mantilligence in the dating, dressing, spending, and learning categories. The site also features product reviews and buying guides for all manner of products interesting to men.

  1. Urban Daddy

This site provides information on adventures to be had and great food and drink to be eaten in great cities like Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, L.A., and N.Y.C. It also has articles on style, travel, and culture which keep all guys in the know about what’s cool with our brothers in the big town.  My current favorite article is “12 Very Ridiculous Things You Can Buy With Your Tax Refund”. I think I’m going to pick up the pen made from dinosaur bones …

  1. Cool Material

This site made this list by happenstance. Any site that can catch my eye with a post titled “These Kirkland Products are Why You Need a Costco Membership” featuring booze, meat, and other quality gear available at everyone’s favorite warehouse retailer.  As I browsed the site further I enjoyed the sections focused on tech, gear, and beer. The post “7 New Beers You Should Drink This Summer” might be worth a read too.

  1. I Am Alpaha M

This site is the brainchild of image consultant, yes that’s a thing, Aaron Marino. He has put together a huge number of video resources on style, grooming, fitness, and personal growth. What I like most about Aarons material is that he is an engaging and humorous speaker and content creator and I’d love to have half the energy he seems to. I appreciate that his style tips work for the sub 6 foot crowd as it’s not often easy for those of us packaged like dynamite to find workable style and fashion advice.  Check out Aaron’s video “10 Items that Make you Look Like a Douchebag … Even if You’re Super Nice!” Because no #epic dad really wants to run around looking like a character from the latest sleazy Netflix series.

  1. The Tim Ferris Show

Author of books like the 4-Hour Workweek, 4-Hour Body, and Tools of Titans Tim Ferris also shares his latest thought experiments, advice, and interviews with people at the top of their game in their respective field on his site and podcast. Tim’s site has a huge amount of information on topics like protecting time, mental performance, morning routines, entrepreneurship and travel.  Check out his post “The Not-To-Do-List” 9 Habits to Stop Now” for some great advice about determining what you can do by deciding what not to do anymore.


  1. The Order of Man

Ryan Michler’s site and podcast the Order of Man is quickly becoming one of the go to places on the net for guys looking for information about “protecting, providing, and presiding” as a man in today’s world. On his podcast Ryan interviews some of today’s most successful men such as Kolby Kay, Kris Paronto, Ted Nugent, and Stephen Mansfield. The Order of Man’s Facebook group is also a thriving community of over 34,000 men who are sharing their thoughts on their journey towards being #epic.  Ryan’s challenge to all guys is “be the man you were meant to be” and his site and podcast certainly provide great information that can help you on your quest.  Check out “Episode 123: Left of Bang” where Ryan interviews Patrick Van Horne about the Marines Combat Hunter program and the lessons that can be gleaned about how to be more situationally aware as an #epic dad and protector of your family.

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