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I love the cyclical change of seasons. I’m not just referring to how the hot, dry summer is giving way to the crisp, cool autumn on my little corner of the planet. What gets me even more revved up at this time of year is the change from the relatively

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Humility is a habit of mind that can help our kids find security and happiness in who they are as people and the role they play in others’ lives. It is a characteristic that can seem difficult to develop as it requires balancing the competing need to build your child’s

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*Note:  I thought that this book was so compelling that I purchased it myself and did not receive a free copy from the author or publisher in exchange for my review.  I have, however, included an affiliate link to purchase the book I mention in this post.  Dads, tell me

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Follow my blog with Bloglovin One of the best parts of my day job is that it provides me ample opportunities to learn about, put into practice and reflect on a variety of ideas about leadership.  As a leader in my organization I am privileged to work with and serve

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