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Humility is a habit of mind that can help our kids find security and happiness in who they are as people and the role they play in others’ lives. It is a characteristic that can seem difficult to develop as it requires balancing the competing need to build your child’s

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Every parent can describe at least one moment that stands out in their memory as a time where their kids demonstrated true and unbridled curiosity. Some of my greatest memories of my kids’ curiosity have come at the most unexpected times and in the simplest and most pure of circumstances

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My kids surprise me on a regular basis with the way they provide proof for John C. Maxwell’s quote about contribution which is that: I am certainly not saying that my kids are perfect or even that they always show this habit of mind. They’re kids, like many others, who

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The topic for this week’s Habits of Mind – Friday 50 Post was inspired by a feeling of gratitude that I was experiencing while watching my son use our new community skateboard park. Over the last few weeks since it has opened, my son has been an avid user of

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