#EPIC Dads.net

EPIC is the one word mission and vision for EpicDad.net. It’s my hope that this site becomes the go to place for dad’s who are seeking information about their life’s most EPIC responsibility and source of joy which is of course, being an EPIC influence in their children’s lives.

Who am I?

My name is Greg Esteves and every day  I work at being an EPIC dad for my two kids. Being “dad” has been the most amazing adventure, most daunting challenge, and most fulfilling aspect of my life aside from also striving to be a great husband and life partner to my incredible wife.

I am far from perfect. I know that. I still have a huge amount to learn about being an EPIC dad.

I also know that this life provides us with incredible opportunities to have EPIC influence and make EPIC impact on the lives of our kids and the lives of others if we embrace the challenge of always learning, always growing, and always trying to live a life of EPIC meaning.  I want to share my journey with other dads as I believe we learn through the stories of struggle and triumph of others, just like us.

I am a teacher by trade, coach by passion, and leader and learner at my core. I come alive when I help others amplify their abilities and talents in order to have an EPIC  impact on the world around them. I currently lead a talented team of IT professionals as the Technology Services Director for a Canadian school division, serve as Vice President of my local Minor Hockey Association, coach my son’s hockey team,  and shuttle my daughter to dance and fastball. 


Thanks for taking time out of your busy day to visit EPIC Dads.net. I hope you come back regularly because you find value in the content, the occasional laugh with me at my mistakes, and a sense of connection in a growing community of dads on a journey towards unleashing the most EPIC versions of ourselves that we can.

Thanks for choosing to be an EPIC Dad and for the everyday heroism you show as you intentionally parent your kids.  I truly believe that we can be heroes guys, especially to our kids, and the decision to do so is EPIC.

Thanks for joining me on the ride.