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Let’s Get #Epic!

Welcome to! I am honoured to have you as a part of the #epic dads’ community.

I believe that every dad wants to be #epic and have #epic positive impact on their kids.

My mission is to share what I have learned along my journey as I continue to evolve into an #epic dad. I draw on my long career as an educator, sports coach, and senior leader and pour the skills, knowledge and wisdom I have gleaned along the way into my posts and social media feeds.

I believe that parenting, like any deeply meaningful thing we do as people, is complex. We need to lean on and learn from each other as we navigate the joy and tear-filled journey of raising our kids.

My hope is that dads find value in and visit often looking for inspiration, the spark of new ideas, and affirmations that they are journeying alongside others following a similar path.
I also hope that you #epic moms out there will visit and share some of my content with the dads in your kids’ lives. I hope you enjoy reading about parenting through one dad’s eyes as maybe it will help you understand what goes through our heads and hearts as we try, in the best way we know how, to have an #epic influence on our family.


Who Am I?

If you are curious about who I am, be sure to check out my about page to read a little bit about me and my story.

Please drop me a note to introduce yourself. I love hearing from my readers!

My Blog

You’ll find most of the content that I share with the #epic dads community organized on this site under “BLOG”.  

I have also organized my posts into different categories including:

  • Habits of Mind: Friday 50  – A weekly series I am writing about habits of mind of #epic kids and how as parents we can encourage these traits.
  • #Epic Interviews – Where we connect with others who share wisdom to help us become even more #epic.  
  • The Stuff of #Epic Men – Ideas by men, for men, about being #epic men.
  • #Epic Adventures – Follow my family and I as we adventure through life.  COMING SOON


Be Part of the #Epic Dads Community

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Why #Epic?

I was inspired by the core message in Evan Carmichael’s book, Your One Word, to define the impact that I would like to have on my family in one word, #epic. I have chosen to include the hashtag on my one word description because it reminds that I am honoured and privileged to be able to share with, teach, and learn from others about becoming an #epic dad.

What being an #epic dad means to me:

– Being self-aware. Building my strengths as a person and a dad and working on my areas of weakness.
– Being a good husband and partner to my wife.
– Providing a good life for my family financially.
– Being a strong communicator.
– Being able to protect my family.
– Being a great teacher for my kids. I want to have an #epic impact on their hearts and minds.
– Serving my community.



The #Epic Eagle

I have had a few questions around the eagle which currently serves as a symbol on’s banner and appears in our logo. I chose the eagle as a symbol for #epic dads for a number of reasons:
– Male and female eagles mate for life and share in the construction of the nest, providing for the young, and protection of their family.

– The eagle is famous for its ability to see things from far away. Being an #epic dad requires the ability to look out to the horizons of life to spot opportunity, scan for danger, and find the best flight path possible for your family.
– I want to be a part of a community of #epic dads and #epic moms who are seeking to soar as the best possible versions of themselves as people and parents. If we associate with other eagles, we can learn how to soar together.
– The adult bald eagle’s head is white so that other mature members of the species can quickly and easily identify each other. I believe that choosing to be on a journey to becoming an #epic dad or #epic mom makes you stand out from the crowd. When we come across each other “in the wild” with our kids, we recognize each other just like eagles do.
– My ultimate goals as an #epic dad are to help my family find their wings and soar as independent and majestic #epic people.


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Soaring Eagle Image Copyright: coffee999 / 123RF Stock Photo